I am a fat vegan

The struggle is real…….

When I became a Vegan 8 months ago I knew that it would alienate me from friends and family which I was okay with. I have dabbled with veganism as a teenager and knew that the majority of vegans are fairly friendly and always down to support a fellow non-omni.

However I am a fat vegan and I feel that this also alienates me from the vegan world. I feel that there is a certain aesthetic people have in mind when they hear the word vegan and I just don’t match that.

I am so paranoid of the judgement I might receive as a fat vegan that I often try to steer any questions away from myself and just hope that no one brings up anything about what I am eating. I also avoid talking and meeting vegans, I am terrified that they would be my harshest critics and judge me on why I am so fat as a vegan and perhaps assume I am “cheating” on my veganism.

I really would like to venture further out into the vegan world and actually attend meet ups and events but I feel that I will never be accepted at this weight. I feel I have now alienated myself from both my friends and family and the vegan community and here I am on my own just living a vegan lifestyle with no real support.

I continue to tell myself that it is all in my head and I need to go out and meet people but there is such a large part of me (literally and figuratively) that I think will be negatively judged so I don’t put myself out there.

I know what I need to do and I am working on getting myself to a healthier weight, I just need to work on building up enough courage to go out into the world and meet people rather than hide out in the relative anonymity and safeness the internet offers.

I am about to organise a local vegan meet up, wish me good luck!

What are your thoughts on the perceived vegan aesthetic?

Do you struggle with judgment concerns?



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