Monthly Book Club – September


Well September is finally over, we are burning through these months and burning through these books too. I hope everyone liked this months reading list, if you read both books which one was your favourite.

Lets start this off with  It’s Not Me It’s You by Mhairi McFarlane


I just want to start off by saying how much I loved the cover art work and the title, I am all about beautiful books and I bought the hard copy which was gold with the above image on the books jacket. Very well put together and the title is quite catchy, I feel that when people break up using the line “Its not you its me” its a load of BS and if they where honesty they would say “Its not me its you” but aren’t brave enough, half the reason I choose this book was because the title was so interesting.

Just a warning I waffled on with this book review again, I find the more I like the book the more I end up writing, okay lets get down to the nuts and bolts  of this book review shall we…..


Its Not Me Its You sets the story up with Delia a 32 year old PR rep for her local council dealing with a internet troll, she suddenly proposes to her long time boyfriend of 10 years Paul and things start to unravel. Whilst out celebrating Delia receives a text from Paul informing his mistress that Delia has proposed and he is unsure what to do know.

Delia leaves Paul and moves in with her parents for a short while before she quits her job and moves into London with a uni friend and finds a new job as a PR rep for a management agency and gets tangled up in the lies of the business, the attempts from Paul to whoo her back, her contact with the internet troll from her old job and the advances of a charming yet manipulative journalist.


Delia – Delia is a beautifully written character, her values , self doubt and idea’s on the world and what is accepted of you at age 32 are extremely relatable. I found myself really connecting with the character and feeling torn between the betrayal she suffered with Paul’s affair and the fear she has as to what life without Paul would be like. I was glad that Delia made the jump to move to the city with Emma but was not impressed with her accepting the job at Twist & Shout, I understand she felt the need to find work straight away but I felt her talent was being wasted there and the lies that where required in the job made it a extremely unprofessional job environment and something that she should never have accepted.

Paul – We found out early on that Paul had been cheating on Delia so my view of him was fairly skewed as my personal belief is that a relationship cannot be salvaged from that sort of betrayal, I suppose everyone’s personal beliefs on cheating would make Paul’s character change from person to person. I felt that Paul didn’t think to highly of Delia and was happy to pull the wool over her eyes believing that he she would never find out nor would she leave him. I thought it was extremely manipulative that he continued to send her packages that he knew would trigger a emotional response all whilst still lying to her about the depth of his affair.

Peshwari Naan / Jo – I immediately liked Peshwari Naan as I thought his comments on the councils website where simple and harmless whilst making most people laugh, I imagine if I saw something like his comments on my council’s comments section I know I would get a laugh out of it. I like the fact that his character explores the idea that you can be incredibly vulnerable whilst talking to people over the internet as it seems to remove a barrier that many of us have when talking to someone face to face. I was concerned that his emails began to take a certain tone as he was beginning to fall in “Like” with Delia and was worried that he would ultimately get hurt as she did convey her want of a platonic friendship but I feel he continued to push the boundaries with his comments.

Kurt – I wanted to like Kurt, as a fellow Aussie I felt myself rooting for him however his blatant sexism and extremely unprofessional manner with Delia and Sophie made it impossible. The fact that he coerced his staff into lying to the press to sell a story and his elaborate and over the top stunts he organised to promote his clients is completely incomprehensible, suggesting a writer fake cancer to help sell her books made my blood boil. I was so glad that he got what he had coming to him in the exposé, I just wish we got to hear to Adam West expose more of his scandals.

Adam West – I liked Adam West all along, the way he was written made his seem charming, funny, caring and handsome whilst also being manipulative and mischievous which I didn’t mind. I felt he was toying with Delia in the beginning but wouldn’t actually expose her as a “spy” to Kurt, so when he spoke rudely about Delia at the Cock & Tail evening I was honestly shocked and then confused by his behavior when he tried to take her home when she was drunk. His letter that he wrote professing his love for Delia was beyond romantic and I must say I was jealous that I have never received a letter like that. Adam was my favourite character and I think I will re-read this book just for him.

Sub Characters

Emma – Emma’s character perfectly embodied the friend from school / uni that moves away and becomes successful, whom you talk to from time to time but do not keep in contact enough. Emma completely reminded me of one of my best friends whom I speak to occasionally but not enough and inspired me to get in contact with her more and make a effort to go see her. At one point in time I was worried that Adam and Emma would become a item and was concerned as I wanted Adam for Delia, thankfully that didn’t happen.

Celine – As soon as we found out Paul’s mistress was Celine a typical impressionable, mid 20’s student I felt sorry for her, I knew that Paul would have had the upper hand in their relationship and would have played Delia out to be a horrible girlfriend and Celine would have naively taken the bait which made me dislike Paul even further.

Parsnip – I feel Parsnip is not a major sub character but his death really got to me and I was sitting at home by myself reading and thinking how devastated I would be if something happened to my dogs that I was bawling my eyes out and had to put the book down for a bit.

The Fox – I think Delia’s alter ego the fox really helped to remind Delia of who she is and how strong of a person she can be, we all have that alter ego in our heads that seems to pop up just when we need them and prove we are more capable then we think we are.


This book heavily focus on betrayal and how there are so many different forms and yet each one is just as painful and devastating. The Betrayal that Delia suffered at the hands of Paul was earth shattering, I spent time thinking how I would recover from something like this and I honestly had no idea, when you are so intertwined with another person’s life how do you start again fresh. The betrayal that Adam suffered when Delia ratted him out to Kurt and had him arrested is also a significant at what point is betrayal too much to come back from?.

I also feel that this book highlights the just how much you can lose parts of who you are when you are in a long term relationship. It is interesting how Delia grew as a person once away from Paul, it made me question why it is that when fall in love with someone we can start to change who we are to better suit that person’s and the relationships needs.


I loved this book and I will certainly recommended it to my friends, I did think the beginning when she was with Paul and then broke up was a bit slow as I really couldn’t handle Paul but I thought both Delia and Adam where well rounded and relatable character that I enjoyed to read about.

I even got quite sentimental at the end reading Adam’s love letter to Delia as what he stated he wanted from a relationship with her reminded me of what I have with my husband and just how lucky I am to have it. I think it also displays the fact that you are never too old to completely change your life (granted 33 isn’t old) and you shouldn’t pay attention to society stereotypes and fears of never finding happiness.


Did you think that Peshwari Naan was a threat to the council?

When Delia found out Paul was cheating on her what was your reaction?

Do you think it was right that Delia moved to London to get away, if you had been in her shoes would you take that leap?

Would you have accepted a job at Twist & Shout if you where in  Delia’s situation?

What where your thoughts on Adam West’s attempted Blackmail of Delia?

If you found out your boss was secretly recording you how would you react?

Where you concerned about Operaton USB?

When Delia decided to take Paul back did you agree with her?

What where your thoughts on Adam’s letter?

Would you have chosen Adam over Paul?

What did you take away from this book?

The Light and The Dark by Mikhail Shishkin will be updated shortly.

2015 Monthly Book Club



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