Downloadable Cleaning Checklists

Lets be honest here, we all can’t be Martha Stewart and as much as I dream of waking up one day and having the time and skills to pull off the perfect house wife stereotype its just not going to happen, plus I am a disastrous DIYer, a messy cook and I hate hate hate with a fiery passion cleaning up.
That being said the one thing I hate more than cleaning up is a messy house, see my conundrum. 
Therefore I try to follow a simple list of tasks to keep my house as clean as possible, I created A Lazy Girl’s Guide To A Clean House which you can download HERE for free because I am the laziest cleaner I know so having a cleaning checklist up on my fridge keeps me organised and makes having a clean house all that much easier.

Winter turns into Spring and I suddenly get this unbelievable urge to clean the house from top to bottom and everywhere in between. That’s when I pull out my Room by Room Super Spring Cleaning List which you can download HERE and go to town! It’s broken down into rooms and can be done anytime of year I just find that I am more likely to clean at the beginning of Spring hence why its a Spring cleaning list.

Well there you have it, this is how I try to live a little bit like Martha. Unfortunately as I currently work full time I need to be as organise as I possibly can to ensure that my house stays clean, some nights I would love to just hop straight into bed and fall asleep but I find if I don’t keep up with the little things everyday soon enough there is just one big giant mess that I really don’t want to clean up!
What do you think of my cleaning checklists?Do you do have any suggestions for my list?


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