Thank Goodness It’s Friday

It seems lately that the weekend keeps creeping up on me, not that I mind I love my weekends but it feels like I have all this work to get done and then whoops its 5pm on Friday and I barely have anything done, oh well it just means that I am super busy on Monday mornings which is good considering the busier I am the faster the day goes.

Alright well lets get into it shall we…..
1 // My blog //So my mother peer pressured me into giving her my blog URL last weekend, I had been avoiding letting her read it as she went to university for a writing degree and well this blog has the writing and spelling skills of a 5 year old. I also treat this blog like a diary and would you let your mother read your diary? I didn’t think so but at least I can harp on about Veganism on my blog and hope she reads it as no one listens when I try and talk about it. 
Hi Mum!!
2 // My Adult Bed // This week our new king bed arrived, I keep calling it my first real adult bed as it is exactly what I imagined as a child when I would dream about Saturday mornings sitting in bed with my future husband and children. Dylan got us a great deal on it too as it was the last of the fabric they had left as they where changing to something else and he managed to get the lamps and bedside tables at a reduced rate because they are the last of the floor stock. I am so glad Dylan is good at bargaining because I certainly am not, they see me coming from a mile away and instantly know I am a sucker.
3 // Netflix and Chill //We decided to off foxtel and get netflix this week as foxtel was charging us a ridiculous amount (see told you I am a sucker) and all my sisters have netflix and keep raving about it, I am a bit devastated that there is no teen mom and Game Of Thrones but I am sure we will end up downloading it somehow or signing up to the HBO streaming service to watch GOT then unsubscribe after we have watched it.
4 // Spring Nights are here //We may only be half way through the first month of Spring but the weather has already started to warm up a considerable amount, so much so that tonight we will be watch the AFL final Adelaide Crows Vs Hawthorn Tigers outside on the projector whilst we have a bonfire to try and get rid of some of the olive branches that have been cut off. I doubt we will make a dent tonight as there are so many to get rid off but the end of the fire season is almost here so we need to get burning.
5 // Family Reunion //Sunday we have a family reunion, I am really not excited to go as I can’t even remember who is who or what half the people attending names are and which families they belong too but there is no getting out of it! I was discussing helping one of my sisters break her leg just so we can get out of it but she wimped out on me (just kidding) so at this stage my plan is to have too much to drink then whinge about no vegan options and leave thus insuring I am never invited to another one again. 
Well that is it for my Friday, Saturday is going to be a lazy day and Sunday is going to be a nightmare but oh well I am sure the rest of my family is as excited as I am about the family reunion.

How was your week?Did you link up for Oh Hey It’s Friday? 


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