Is privacy on the way out?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how safe and private our lives are these days with technology, in the blink of an eye someone can capture your image and use it however they wish too with you being none the wiser.

I recently had a issue at work where a child was playing on something dangerous and someone took a photo to prove that she had been on there in the hopes that her family would be reprimanded and something done with the item she was playing on to ensure another child doesn’t play on it and then fall and seriously hurt themselves.
The family noticed that a photo had been taken and immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was taken to be used for something sinister, now that certainly wasn’t the case and the person that took the photo was only doing so as it is part of their job to report safety issues but none the less the photo was taken without the child or parents knowledge.
In Australia there are no laws that stop someone posting photos/ videos of you taken from a public location, even when you are on private property. Someone can post a photo of you in your home or garden as long as it was taken from the public footpath.  
Now that technology is so advanced we really cannot expect our privacy to remain all that private, on walking into a shopping centre your every move is monitored on a myriad of camera’s, you really cannot go anywhere with out your image being captured. 
At the end of the day do you feel content in knowing that crime is easier to solve because our images are constantly captured or do you feel on edge that days of full privacy are limited? I guess I am on the fence about the level of privacy we have but I am curious how starting a family and having to worry about my own children will impact my views on this subject.
What are your thoughts on technology?Would you be concern if some took a photo of you without consent?


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