DIY Outdoor Movie Night

With spring finally arriving the nights are slowly becoming warmer and warmer which means we can finally bring out our projector and enjoy a DIY outdoor movie night.

(This product talk is bought to you by Nuffnang and Spotlight)

I have been talking this movie night up to friends all winter so its time put the effort in and make this movie night happen, luckily I don’t have to put too much effort in as I can pick up most of my supplies from one shop……………………………………….


I’ll be honest here, spotlight gives me life! If I’m not struggling my way through a DIY disaster, I’m redecoration the bedroom with new quilt covers and throw pillows so my love for spotlight runs deep.

I had grand dreams of a movie night wonderland that made everyone reminisce the old drive in movies we used to go to as children so attention to detail was paramount and I went with a traditional black, white and red theme.

To create a authentic experience I made these super easy movie ticket invites for my friends and posted them out with a note that entrance to the “theater” would not be granted without a ticket (of course they could still turn up I just really wanted the drive in experience)

To make these adorable invites I simply created a ticket template using picmonkey then printed straight on the front of these black cards (using my office printer shhhh) nice and simple with maximum impact.

My husband created the screen by chucking up a square wooden frame 205 x 205cm and then nailing a large spotlight white Hudson Roller Blind 210 x 210cm. The material is a polyester so is similar to movie screens, holds the image well and will last longer than a simple sheet.

Of course no movie night is complete without a Snack Bar and Drinks tables, I’m all about the blackboard bunting at the moment and luckily you can buy them premade and write straight on them, I was super relived and I think the sign turned out far better than any of the bunting I have tried to create before.

Most of the snacks where vegan, I made amazing vegan chocolate chip muffins, fruit sticks and provided a mixture of sour patch kids but of course someone brought some non vegan chocolate and lollies but most people weren’t too fussed about the vegan snacks on hand.

We had our own little popcorn maker that heated the popcorn up and then had to be turned out into the bottom when all popped. It was adorable but lead to a large amount of unpopped corn being thrown around at each other, I think next time we will need to not get so excited and turn the popcorn out as soon as we hear popping!

It was wonderful, we laid down a tarp and piled up all the beanbags and blankets we had and dragged out the shed couch so there was plenty of seating, the projector and speakers where placed on a little table and then we where ready to go. Thankfully it was a warm and clear night and the citronella candles kept the mosquito’s away.

We watched one of the AFL finals and then the Tim Burton version of Charlie and Chocolate Factory, I feel asleep halfway through the movie and was woken up by Dylan who was putting everything away as everyone else had packed it in for the night.
Everyone had such a wonderful time, I think that this will become a summer monthly event. I think the little extra decoration flourishes from spotlight really added to the overall mood of the night and will certainly be reused.

If you are looking for idea’s to put together a fun and interesting night I suggest you check out the Spotlight facebook page and instagram, there are a lot of great tips and tricks on there.

This night also reinforced the fact that I need a new good quality camera, hopefully Dylan will pick up on the many hints I made and pick me up one for Christmas.

What do you think of my DIY movie night?
What movie do you suggest we watch next time?


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