What I Ate Wednesday – A Wednesday In My Life

Lately everywhere I turn there is a celeb giving a day in their life spiel that to me is sooo ridiculously unattainable even for them. In honor of that today’s WIAW is going to be slightly different and log a day in my life.

5.40amI literally roll myself off the bed and onto the floor, my brain is still half asleep and cannot take proper steps. I drag myself to the bathroom and spend the next 5 minutes playing games on my phone to wake up. Luckily I sleep in my gym clothes because there is no way I am going to get up earlier to hunt for clothes, then I pull my sneakers on and drive to bootcamp.
6.00amArrive at bootcamp, I go to the one with the shortest distance from my house because no way am I getting up even earlier than this to go to bootcamp, I am punishing myself enough just going I dont want to deprive myself of sleep either.
7.10amFinish bootcamp and drive myself home, I am such a mess I have to stop quickly and open the door to take in a couple of fresh air deep breathes because bootcamp honestly kills me even though I am the worst one there by a landslide.

Post workout selfie, its hard being this good looking!!

7.25am – 7.45amI jump in the shower and depending on how exhausted I am I stay in the shower longer or manage to will myself out after 10mins. Usually my will power fails and I stand in the shower for as long as possible.
7.50amI chuck on some work clothes which I already have waiting for me, I organise a weeks worth of clothes on a small rack in my room because I know I wont have time in the mornings. Then I slap on some makeup, I currently have my go to face down to 10mins and if I don’t put it on everyone always asked if I am sick because I look unwell. Thanks undereye bags and pale skin!
8.00amGet to work, take my transplant tablets and have a raspberry lemonade and a large soy chai for “breakfast” it is after all the most important meal of the day so I make sure to completely avoid it because CBF that early in the morning.

1:00pmI have spent the morning working in my office, if its a good day then I have sat at the computer doing paper work with the a/c blowing stale air around my office and the desk heater keeping my feet warm. Unfortunately its not a good day which means I have been running around dealing with tenant issues, chasing kids out the mall, more running around and just adding to my general exhaustiveness. Plus side, I am killing it in my fitbit step challenge!
1:30pmLunch time, I forgot to bring leftovers from dinner last night so its a baked potato with tomato, cucumber and avocado from the cafe downstairs. This short break is a highlight of my day, I normally sit in my office and treat myself to a youtube video or read a book for my allotted half an hour or an hour depending on how much work I have to get done.

5:00pmFinally finish work and scoot into the supermarket to grab food for dinner, contemplate only buying oreo’s but my will power for once pulls through and I buy the stuff I need to make pasta, whilst simultaneously talking myself out of going to yoga. A win and a lose for the will power I guess this makes us even.
5:30pmGet home and chuck my pj’s on then spend the next 10min alternating staring at the pantry and staring at the fridge waiting for some magic vegan deep fried chocolately goodness that wont go straight to my arse to appear but it never does.
6:30pmCook my pasta which is pretty much boiled pasta with garlic croutons and fresh garlic, chili and lemon yet I somehow manage to trash the kitchen and spend the next hour cleaning up.

8:00pmCravings have set in, thankfully I have removed all forms of junk food from my house because I know if I didn’t I’d be elbow deep in a can of pringles right now. I settle for some chocolate nice cream with dark choc chips that I forgot I had. Kitchen once again looks like a bomb hit it, how is it possible to make this much mess I will never understand, I only blended frozen banana’s with soy milk and cocoa powder.

9:00pm I clean the makeup off my face and put on my sleeping mouth guard (sexy!!) whilst Dyl locks the dogs away in their kennel then I put on Pirates of the Caribbean for the umpteenth time and fall asleep dreaming of Johnny Depp ahhhhhhhhhh.
I feel I should finish this post with a picture of me sitting naked on some weird wooden board with my legs crossed like they all do but don’t worry that’s not going to happen, the internet couldn’t handle that much amazingness!!
But there you have it, there is a Wednesday in my life can you live upto that? Granted I only attend bootcamps on Monday’s and Wednesday’s all other week days I sleep in till 7:30am ahhhh its good.
What do you think of my day?What’s your Wednesday like?


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