How to become a Vegan

I know that the idea of becoming vegan is daunting and almost terrifying at times. The thought of being judged by friends and family, having to completely change what you cook and eat, stop using make up, burn all your clothes, shoes and accessories, turn your hair into dreadlocks, ditch the deodorant and perfume, start protesting and throwing red paint on celebrities.
Just kidding…………………………………………..
Granted if that’s what you want then you do you honey, more power to you but the reality is that changing to a vegan lifestyle is pretty simple, there is no one way to live and most of the vegan community is supportive no matter how small the changes you begin with.
So I have broken down some tips I think will help when becoming vegan below.

  • Become acquainted with your local farmers market or better yet plant your own vegetable garden, this means that you will always have the freshest of vegetables available and will help keep costs down.
  • Don’t be afraid of carbs! Eat both complex and simple carbs, just eat until you are full, no need to stuff it in and no need to avoid them.
  • Buy all the banana’s in the shop. Most fruit and veg shops will bag up the banana’s when they start to become spotty and sell them a discounted rates. This when they are at their ripest so I always buy the whole display then I come home, peel them and store them sealed in the freezer.
  • Eat as much avocado as you like. I know that some High Carb Low Fat vegans like to demonize avocado because of its fat content but at the end of the day a little bit of healthy fat is good for you plus avocados are amazing.
  • If you like the mock meats and fake cheese then go for your life. I am yet to meet a mock meat that I enjoy so I don’t cook with them but I am sure it would make the transition much easier. Also if you have a good mock meat let me know, I am still on the out look for a good one.
  • Finally eat what you want when you want, as long as you aren’t eating animals you are doing alright in my book!
  • Make up is a very personal preference, I myself love a full face of make up or at least a bright lip and some mascara. Make up makes me feel confident and well presented so when I went vegan I was terrified that I would have to give that all up. Thankfully I didn’t.
  • There are quite a few cosmetics companies that do not test on animals, that doesn’t mean that they don’t contain animal products so if you are unsure just contact the company and ask if they are vegan.
  • PETA runs a page that lists cosmetics that are not tested on animals, feature the PETA bunny label and are or aren’t vegan. I thoroughly suggest checking the site out HERE.
  • Some of my favourite vegan products are made by Australis there liquid lipsticks are everything, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and E.L.F which are extremely cheap and are amazing especially their moisturizing lipsticks.
  • Its all good and well to have make up but you need some brushes to apply it, I love the vegan make up brushes my Morphe (granted there are other non vegan brush sets so make sure you check before you buy!) and the cheaper E.L.F studio brushes (only the studio sets are vegan).
  • What to do with old products I hear you ask, I know there are people out there that once they make that decision its out with the old in with the new. I personally cannot justify not using the full products I currently have and replacing them with vegan products so I have decided to continue to use them until they are empty and then buy the vegan products but that’s a personal preference.
  • Unless you live in a nudist colony clothing is not really optional but I’m not one for baggy hemp, again if that’s what your into more power to you, I’m just more flaunt what you got hide what you need to kinda girl. Thankfully more and more companies are using vegan friendly products in their clothing lines.
  • Looking for vegan shoes look no further than these guys Bourgeois Boheme they create amazing and super stylish shoes, Cri De Coeur sell amazing shoes and bags, Vegan Style has amazing bags and shoes a little on the pricy side but they are amazing and Vegan Wares do amazing things with faux leather and even make footballs.
  • Not sure where to buy stylish vegan clothes Stella McCartney created a vegan line, Vaute Couture has heaps of adorable slogan tee’s and ships worldwide, Zazzle have heaps of stuff even cute vegan slogan baby onsies, Blessed Earth make clothing and bedding, Green Horse sell beautiful from clothing to skincare and Herbivore Clothing sell everything from clothing to home-wares. 
  • As with make up I have a lot of non vegan clothing that I bought previously which I am also choosing to wear until they need replacing but if you want to get rid of everything non vegan consider giving it to a company supporting the homeless or needy.

Finally just enjoy yourself, if you are living the best life possible then you are doing the right thing. You may have slip us, you may eat something that’s not correctly labelled only to find out after, you may squash a bug before it dawns on you that its a animal too, you might be given clothes that aren’t and you may do none of that and be the perfect vegan it only matters that you can start your vegan life, live it too its fullest and love animals.
What do you think of my vegan tips?
Do you have any tips for me?


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