Pre – Pregnancy Bucket List

So I maybe getting a little ahead of myself here but I decided I wanted to write a pre-pregnancy bucket list seeings as it will take at least 6 months for my old medication to leave my system and I think we should least celebrate this time.

I have so many things I would like to do, so I figure why not do them now instead of always putting them off as I am sure they will only be harder to accomplish when start a family.
Things for Dylan and Myself:– Plan a surprise oversea’s holiday for Dylan.- Learn to paddle board.- Buy Kayaks and travel up the river Murray one weekend stopping and setting up camp where ever we find a suitable spot.- Go see a movie in Gold Class.- Visit a Karaoke bar.- Redesign our bedroom and buy a king bed.- Go out to a fancy restaurant once a month till we are pregnant.- Create a outdoor movie night party with friends.- Cook Dylan his favourtie dinner once a week.- Take a long walk on the beach once a week.- Walk the Mt Lofty Trail- Take some “Just Us” photos.- Build a veggie garden.- Go on a long Saturday bike ride.
Things just for Dylan:– Go on a fishing charter.- Spend a weekend being waited on hand and foot.- …….(more to come)
Things just for Me:– Spend a day perfecting the perfect Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie.- Buy a proper camera and learn how to take beautiful photos.- Enjoy a full pamper day at a spa.- Have a girls night.- Complete a 10K.- Buy a proper computer.- Learn how to properly curl my hair.- Volunteer to help feed the homeless.- Learn how to create the perfect bouquet.- Start every morning with a positive affirmation.- Create and enjoy a vegan high tea with my sisters.- Learn French.
Well there you have it, this is my pre – pregnancy bucket list, I am hoping to add more to it, especially to things for Dylan as I am still waiting on the list I asked him to write up. I hope to get as many of these ticked off as I can, so will be a little easier than others but we will get there.
Did you make a Pre – Pregnacy Bucket list?What do you think of mine?Any suggestions?


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