Thank Goodness Its Friday

Whelp another long week is over, I am really glad that it is finally Friday it seems like it has been a week of sadness for a lot of people. I am looking forward to getting some serious reading done this weekend.

1 // Charlie //

My littlest sister Charlie came and stayed with me for a few days this week, she is only 20 and was recently diagnosed with the same kidney disease that I have so she comes and works as my assistant 2 days a week now which is nice, I don’t get to see her very often so it’s nice she’s coming down to work with me. We are both so similar and I hope that I can help her deal with her kidney disease as I’ve already been through the it so I can give her advice and guide her through it all.

2 // Looking for Beds //

Dylan and I have been looking for a new bed recently, we have had our current bed for around 4 years now and while its still a nice bed its only a queen and we seem to have fights in our sleep with anther over space. We have started taking pictures of each other whilst we sleep to prove who is the bigger bed hog, its all in fun but it is time we started looking for a king bed. I have had a dream of a certain scenario in my head forever of me, my husband and my future children all curled up watching movies together in a bed but I just can’t seem to find the bed I imagine. Its really frustrating and nothing I see is good enough either, I hope I find it soon.

3 // Yoga //

I spoke last Friday about how well my yoga practice had been going and of course I had to go ahead and jinx myself. I have been so busy and flustered this week that I haven’t gone once! Oh well here’s to hoping next week is better.

4 // August Step to the Beat Challenge //

How is everyone’s August step the beat challenge going, I am currently sitting at 105,853 steps but I still have 5,876 steps until I reach 10,000 for the day so wish me luck. I will be at home watching movies whilst on the treadmill to get the rest of today’s done.

5 // Vegan fact of the week //

It takes 16 pounds of grain to feed cattle enough to produce 1 pound of beef. The grain that goes to feed livestock could end world hunger.

How was this week for you?

Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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