What I ate Wednesday – 12th August

Another Wednesday done and dusted, I feel that Wednesday’s are normally the slowest days of the week so its always nice once they are over. Plus the days seem to go much faster once Wednesday is over.

// Breakfast // I actually managed to get up early on Wednesday and eat something that wasn’t a liquid breakfast, wow shock horror that is really a big achievement for me as my general life motto is “why get up and make breakfast when you can sleep in that little bit longer”. I know, I know I am going to go places in life with that one!! Okay so back to breakfast, I just had 2 slices of toast with half a avocado, sliced tomato and pepper. I actually have a bit of a avocado addiction at the moment, they are sooooo good that I am going through them like crazy which isn’t too great on the ol’ waste or the ol’ purse strings.

Avocado Toast

// Morning Snack //Of course no morning is complete with out a large soy chai latte, I really need to get a hold of myself. I managed to kick my morning coffee’s but it seems like I have now just replaced them with warm soy milk and sugar!!! Oh well I am not ready to break this vice just yet.
// Lunch // So the local health food shop makes these amazing raw vegan cranberry oat fudge bars, they are absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever eat. I have no idea how they make them and I really want to learn because they are super expensive and tiny however I don’t want to learn how to make them at the same time because I know they are full of coconut and I know I would make them and eat them far to often.

// Dinner //I came home from work and I was feeling super tired and just run down. The last thing I felt like doing was standing in the kitchen for ages cooking dinner, plus Dylan was out at indoor soccer so I was the only one eating. I decided to be super lazy and super endulgent so I made a big bowl of chocolate nice cream. I will be posting a recipe really soon, its super easy to make just frozen banana’s, cocoa powder and Tbsp of vanilla flavoured soy milk. A easy dinner which feed my sweetness cravings.

Well that was all for Wednesday, I did eat a few vitamin C tablets in bed whilst reading, I am slightly addicted to vitamin C tablets there just so tasty. 
What was your WIAW like?Do you have any suggestions?


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