My Husband hates my blog?

Okay so maybe Hate is too strong a word but there is certainly some dislike towards my blog! He tries to hide his true feelings whenever I am doing anything blog related but I see his roll of the eyes or hear is quiet hmmmmm. I’m sure he can’t be the only husband out there that has these feelings about their wife’s relationship with their blog.

So what are the main gripes my husband has with my blog…..
…..the whole house maybe trashed and piles of laundry may be stacked on one side of the table but the other side of the table where the afternoon light comes in perfectly and the set up looks great is always spotlessly clean and ready for blog photos. 
……he has to wait 10 to 15 after I have cooked dinner while I take 1500 photos of the plates to try and fine the perfect recipe picture.
…..I stay up till all hours of the night reading books for the monthly book club which keeps him up.
…..I paid someone to redesign my whole blog and changed it again 6 months later.
…..I wake up in the middle of the night with blog post idea’s and have to turn on the lights to write everything down before I forget.
…..I can’t go out for dinner without kneeling on my chair trying to get the best bird eye view of dinner, apparently this is embarrassing.
…..I spend extra money on products that I want to use for my blog.
…..My make up and outfits are constantly changing to keep up with current trends so I may spend more than we can afford.
…..I occasionally create recipes that don’t get eaten and end up sitting in the fridge going bad waiting for him to clean the fridge out on the weekend.
…..I take 1 million and 1 photos of interesting and odd things whenever I am out.
…..If my phone dies I commander his phone for photos.
….I take photos of him when he doesn’t think he looks alright because I want to post about him.
…..I spend hours talking to him about blog idea’s, recent posts I read and loved and anything blgo related.
All in all my husband is very understandable when it comes to my blog, I feel that if he can put up with all of this and not say something then he might just be a keeper.
How understanding is your husband/ boyfriend or your blog?Do you think he’s issues are granted?


One thought on “My Husband hates my blog?

  1. My guy HATES when I use pictures of him that he hasn't approved – and he doesn't approve of like ANY pictures, so sometimes I sneak them in anyway!
    Other than that, he's pretty on board and even suggests stuff for me to blog about. Some of which is not actually blog-able, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? šŸ™‚


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