Thank goodness its Friday

This week has been a long one for me! I have been counting down the hours until 5pm on Friday afternoon and now its finally here and I am more than just a little relieved.
1 // Yoga //
I have been all about my yoga practice lately! I go through fazes of being super into yoga in the evenings and then being super lazy on the couch instead through out the year but I really want to maintain my practice. This winter has made it slightly more challenging because the last thing I can be bothered doing after working all day is driving in the rain to yoga and back but Dylan has been making me go the nights he is home at 5pm and the other nights he is out at sport I feel more obliged to go so I hope I can keep it up. Plus look at the picture of the studio I attend below isn’t it beautiful, its a old renovated church, its so relaxing in there.
2 // Trainwreck //
Trainwreck officially came out in cinemas here on Thursday and whilst I would have loved to have been able to view it on opening night work the next day would be practically impossible so I have post poned it for Saturday sometime. I’m not sure about you but Amy Schumer just might be my spirit animal, I feel we would be best friends IRL plus I recently found out that she went on holiday’s with my other spirit animal Jennifer Lawrence who would also be a bestie IRL so that just makes me love them even more. (I really need to stop pretending this friendship will happen). 
3 // Prank Phone Calls //
As I run a shopping centre I am always on call incase something goes wrong. Last night I had a bunch of kids prank calling the work number which kept me up all night. It was incredibly lame, I can’t believe that kids today think its cool to prank call someone, whats more these stupid kids didn’t put their phones on private so I call have called them back and yelled at them, not that I would do that because I couldn’t be bothered and wanted to go back to bed am a fully grown adult that would never act so childish!!
4 // August Step to the Beat Challenge //
How is everyone’s August step the beat challenge going, it maybe Friday at 5pm and I may still need to get 6,737 steps today to finish at 10,000 to have officially completed the first 50,000 steps for the month but don’t you worry I will be pacing all over my lounge room this evening to get those bad boys in.
5 // Vegan fact of the week //
Newborn piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices and recognize their own names. I am trying to convince Dylan that we should adopt a pig from a no kill sanctuary but he’s still not sold on the idea.

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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