That Dentist

I wan’t to be serious for a moment and talk about “that dentist”  I am sure by now everyone knows what I am talking about, the Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer who thought it sporting to pay $55,00 to kill a lion with a crossbow. 

Walter Palmer on the left with another Lion he has previously killed.

Cecil lived out his days in the Hwange National Park a safe park which ensured his safety, Cecil was beloved by locals and considered a fairly placid lion. For Walter to “hunt” Cecil the poachers had to ensure that he was not still in the park boundaries so they tied a dead animal to the car and lured Cecil out of the park boundaries. 
Walter then shot Cecil with a bow and arrow failing to kill him straight away Cecil struggled for survival for the next 40 hours until the poaches caught back up with him shot him with a gun, beheaded him, skinned him and then left the rest of his body just left like trash, they also left the GPS tag that park officials had painstakingly placed on Cecil there next to his body.
This is not the first exotic animal that Walter Palmer has killed, this in not even the first Lion that Walter has killed however Walter is not the only big game hunter out there in fact there are multiple reserves in Africa that raise exotic animal for the soul purpose of big game hunting. I find myself asking how is this a sport? How are business thriving based on the torture of animals?
Then I am lead back to the thought, how are the lives of game animals more important than that of livestock raised for human consumption? Why is it that we get so outraged over the death of a lion and then sit back and enjoy a dinner of beef. Animal suffering is still suffering no matter the species.
Cecil has been compared to Vincent Van Gogh in the likeness that he has enjoyed a fame in death that surpasses anything he experienced in life. Cecil has shone a light on the face of big game hunting and I am hoping that these business that thrive on tourists drives to kill will be stamped out on the back of his death.
This may not end animal suffering around the world but it may help end a industry that only exist on the back of hunting animals.


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