What I ate Wednesday – 29th July

I really love to follow Vegan bloggers who post regular What I ate Wednesday posts because it really is interesting, Veganism is such a broad lifestyle term and there is so many different ways one can eat vegan including HCLF, Raw, Raw till 4, The Starch solution, Vegan junk food, plant based and of course my favourite Orea’s for every meal ha ha.
I personally like to eat a plant based HCLF lifestyle because it means more adventure in the kitchen, I often start with a animal based recipe I find on pinterest and then using my vegan wit I subtract a few things and then add a few steps then presto and delicious meal reminiscent of regular meal.

// Breakfast //I love a good smoothie for Breakfast, something I can grab on the go and can drink whilst working. This morning I had to make 2 because the first smoothie I made I put cumin in instead of cinnamon, not a great start to the morning! The smoothie I did end up drinking was my usual go to 1/4 cup oats, 1 cup vanilla flavored almond milk, 1 large frozen banana and a good sprinkle of cinnamon.

// Lunch //Normally I make enough dinner each night to take the leftovers for lunch however if I am lazy and didn’t make anything or mostly likely I was rushing in the morning and ran out the house forgetting to grab the lunch I had sitting in the freezer then I usually grab a crushed watermelon juice and a fruit salad for the health food shop by my office like I did today. 

// Snacks //I get home from work and am usually starving so I tend to gravitate towards the toaster, toast some delicious home made bread, slather on the vegan butter and than devour the toast before I can take a photo of it for a post just like I did today!
// Dinner // Tonight’s dinner was certainly a new fan favourite! It was Quinoa Chilli, now I have made this before and felt that it was lacking the right flavour so tonight I added a secret weapon Tabasco which gave it just the right amount of kick and that little flavour that was missing. I will be posting this recipe sometime soon, be sure to check it out when I do as I think this tasted better than the stuff I ate before becoming Vegan.

// Dessert //I love myself some dessert, I have always had a crazy sweet tooth that cannot be satisfied which is what I blame my severe oreo’s addiction for. Tonight I was craving something sweet hard core so I made one of my favourites what I call a Apple Pocket. This is a quick recipe, the dough take around 5 minutes to make then just pile in the apple and dried cranberries, a little bit of coconut sugar for extra sweetness and bake in the oven for 15 mins. Is there anything easier or sweeter? I think not.

It was a pretty plain Wednesday food wise, Monday to Friday afternoon is all pretty similar home cooked meals and then Friday night paves the way for Vegan Pizza, Saturday is all about the farmers market and Sunday is normally home made bread and Indian takeaway. I need to stop eating out so much on the weekends but its one of my only vices at the moment so oh well.
What was your WIAW like?Do you have any suggestions?


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