Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Is the anything more beautiful then a Friday afternoon are a long and stressful week at work?………..No! well maybe there might be but hey I will settle for a Friday afternoon any day of the week!!!
I think my favourite thing about Fridays is the Oh hey it’s Friday link up because not only is it my favourite day of the week but I also get to recap my favourite things from this week woooooo!!
1// Winter//
So it seems that winter has well and truly arrived in Adelaide, it has been hitting and average of 5 degrees celciuis each night this week. I love it but it seems like the whole of Australia is having issues with the cold, it was just the other day that Australian’s where making fun of the British for whinging about a high 20 degree heat wave (a heat wave in Adelaide is 40 degrees plus) and then the cold hits and we can’t stop whinging about a cold snap they think is nothing, ohhhh the irony!!
2// Christmas in July//
It is crazy to think but I am already planning what I have to organise for Christmas at work this year. It is incredible how fast this year has flown past and worrying how I actually have to start planning and budgeting for Christmas decorations and it hasn’t even reached August yet.
3// Garden Veggie Dreams //
I have dreams of this amazing Vegetable garden and am hoping that I get time in the coming weekends to get stuck into making one, I need to stop browsing all the beautiful garden’s on pinterest because I know that we cannot afford anything too lavish but a girl can dream can’t she. As I am eat vegan mostly plant based foods I am hoping that his will keep the shopping costs down too.
// One // Two // Three // Four // Five //
4// August Step to the Beat Challenge //
With August just around the corner I thought it would be fun to create a step challenge for the month of August, I have found them floating all over the blogosphere (I would have joined A Farmers Wife’s most recent challenge but I saw to too late), the principles are pretty simple…..
 photo Step-to-the-beat.png

…..the challenge runs from Saturday 1st August till Wednesday 31st August.
… need to complete 200,000 steps for the month, wow nelly that seems like a lot but it can be broken down however you like. If you want to get the majority of your steps done Monday to Friday and then rest on the the weekends just aim to get 10,000 steps each day you choose. 
…..but there are 3 extra days the last week of August what about that I hear you ask? Well you can choose to continue to complete your 10,000 steps for the day and break the 200,000 steps needed for August if you are feeling fancy!
…..where can I join up? Just send a email to to let me know you have joined up, grab the button and use the instagram tag #Auguststeptothebeat to post your progress on instagram.
…..but what do I get if I complete this challenge?? On completion of the challenge you will receive a weekly magnetic typo planner to help plan you weekly fitness goals. The person that complete’s the most steps for the month receives a motivational BPA free 700ml drink bottle.
….if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email.
4 // Vegan fact of the week //
Of course I am going to end this Friday as I always do with a Vegan fact, this week I learnt that McDonald’s fries aren’t vegan or even vegetarian, they contain beef flavoring and also milk solids. Not that I like to eat McDonald’s anyone but I guess I will be skipping their fries next road trip!

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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