Monthly Book Review – April

“She read’s books as one would breathe air,to fill up and live”– Annie Dillard

Well the month of April is officially over so its time for us to review our April books. The book’s this month were Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and The Longest Date, Life as a Wife by Cindy Shupack.
I will start will Never Let Me Go as The Longest Date had to be ordered in and I am still waiting GRRRR, hopefully it will arrived soon and I will review it just a little late.


I personally had a hard time with Never Let Me Go, as someone who has received organ donations in the past, will most likely need them in the future and has a little sister who will need one soon this book really struck me. I imagine I would never accept a donation from a living person with the knowledge that they had been bread to produce the organ however if I my little sister was on deaths door then I would insist she accept the organ. 

Never Let Me Go is the story of Kathy a girl who has grown up in a world where human cloning is not only achievable but is a part of everyday life. She grows up at a boarding school where all the students are clones, cannot reproduce, will one day leave the school and become carers for older generations of students who are donating their organs before they eventually become donors too.
The book begins as Kathy is caring for a donor and then jumps back in time to when she was a young girl at Hailsham board school to tell the tale of how she became the carer she is now and the relationships she creates at Halisham which change upon leaving the relative sheltered life at boarding school.

THE CHARACTERS:Kathy the main narrator in the book is a curious girl, who seems to accept her fate without too much resistance. Kathy recalls memories throughout the book when she is trying to discover exactly where she learnt her fate. Kathy is a strong and compassionate character that takes to becoming a carer well which is quite possibly why she continues to be a carer much longer than her friends.

Ruth is Kathy’s best friend a school, a strong willed yet fragile girl that craves attention. It is clear throughout the book that Ruth has trouble accepting her fate, this is shown through her want to meet her “possible” and her belief of the rumor that Halisham students can defer when met with true love. Throughout the book I can’t help but feel sorry for Ruth, she wants so much more than what is given to her in this life.
Tommy is the last main character originally Ruth’s boyfriend through out schooling and time at the cottages. Ruth’s love of Tommy obviously not the same as Tommy’s love for Ruth and this is seen through his constant misunderstandings and squabbles with Ruth. Eventually Tommy and Kathy get together but you can feel the urgency of the relationship and the almost emptiness that perhaps Kathy could be anybody at that point to Tommy as he didn’t want to be alone.

Worth- I felt that the main theme of this book was obviously worth, is one person’s life worth more that another person’s/creature/animal. If we are to venture down the slippery slope of creating clones for organs at what point does it become to much? When do we stop?

Death –  If we are born knowing what our death will be caused from and that we are there to help prolong another person’s life does that make death any less imposing? 

Like I said I finished this book with more questions about what is acceptable in society than I had thought I would have when beginning this book. I am not sure that I would suggest this book to other people as I found it slow in some chapters and almost confusing in others.


When did you realize that Hailsham was not a boarding school?
What where your thoughts on the gallery? 
Do you think that the reason Madam and Miss Emily explained taking their cherished possessions really was acceptable?
What is your thoughts on the students having become carers and see all the trauma before becoming donors themselves?
Do you think that Kathy and Tommy should have been able to defer?
What did you think of the ending? Did you feel it left you asking questions?

Did you read these books?Do you have any book suggestions?


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