Monthly Favourites

“The problem is not the problem;
the problem is your attitude to the problem.”
– Captain Jack Sparrow

Monthly Favourites

Wow these months really are shooting past at light speed, I supposed because I am getting older and suddenly time seems so much shorter.

My monthly favourites in March……………………

Maybelline Color Elixir in Fuchsia Flourish, I have been all about a glossy bright pink lip in march.

I binged watched the first season of American Horror Story and had to sleep with Disney movies on each night after I finished watching it because I was so scared to go to sleep.
The song Bills by LunchMoney Lewis, its so incredibly catchy that I can’t stop singing it even when its driving me crazy! 

Youtuber Freelee the Banana Girl, she is this Vegan from Adelaide that eats ridiculous amounts of fruits a day and has massive rants about other health bloggers and I cant stop watching her videos because she is just so ridiculous, she is being sued at the moment for defamation and I really think she deserves it!

The book the Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, its one of the books in this months book club, check it out!
My DIY Easter Bunny Wreath tutorial, it was super fun to make and super adorable.
My chocolate dipped strawberry carrot recipe, super cute to make and tasted delicious.
My 26th Birthday, you can read all about my 26 favourite memories.
My Top blogging blunders post, lots of tips in that one.

Scooting off to my 2 week health retreat holiday that I am still currently on and will return back from on Saturday.

What were your March Favourites?
What did you think of mine?


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