DIY Easter Grass Wreath

Easter is fast approaching so it is time to whip out some fun and easy DIY’s to help spruce up the Easter spirit on the blog. Not to worry though, I am not very competent when it comes to DIY therefore I have searched for things that are easy yet still look cute and not like I 10 year old did it for a art project (well at least I hope they don’t).
For today’s DIY I have made a cute little Easter Grass Wreath.

What you will need:

  • 1 small foam wreath
  • 1 ball of grass like yarn
  • colored card
  • sharp scissors
  • large ribbon
  • piece of twine
  • hot glue gun
  • felt
  • 2 cotton balls

How to create the Easter Grass Wreath:
Step 1Start by gluing the end of the yarn to the foam wreath with a small drop of glue, then being wrapping the yarn tightly around the foam wreath. 

Step 2If you finish the first ball of yarn and still have the wreath showing just place a small drop of glue on the wreath, stick the end of the finished yarn into the glue and then stick the start of the next ball on yarn on the glue drop. Once you finish wrapping and there is no foam left showing carefully move the yarn slightly place a drop of glue on the wreath and stick the end of the yarn into the glue drop then move the yarn back so the foam is completely covered again.

Step 3Cut small bunting triangles out of the colored card, then glue the triangles onto the small ice of twine. This is extremely fiddly and I found using tweezers helped.

Step 4Create a small bunny figure by gluing cotton balls together and cutting rabbit ear shapes out of felt and gluing to the top of one of the cotton balls.

Step 5Glue the bunting and the bunny to the grass wreath and tie a ribbon around the top so it is ready to be hung up.

What do you think of my Easter Grass Wreath?Did you create a Easter Wreath?


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