Thank Goodness It’s Friday

//THIS WEEK// I felt…
…busy, I am running out of time to get everything done before I go away so I have been pushing myself all week.
…excited, I can’t wait to go away on my holiday, I need this time off!
…scared, I started binge watching American Horror Story season 1 with week and its scaring the pants off me!!
//THIS WEEK// I learnt…
…I don’t do well without coffee, I am currently on a caffine detox and its making me crazy.
…my sister’s miniture pony is not pregnant shes just fat! We where all really excited for a little miniture foal but nope shes just going on a diet.
//THIS WEEK// I loved…
…when the woman at the optometrist couldn’t believe I was married. She thought I was 17 – 18 not almost 26, completely made my week.
…wallaby bites, they are dark chocolate, almond, orange and coconut bites and I have gone through 3 packs this week!!
//THIS WEEKEND// I am looking forward to…
…leaving for my holiday on Sunday
…completing all my Easter DIY post’s for the blog and scheduling everything so I can leave and life still goes on as normal.
//NEXT WEEK// I will…
…be resting up at my health retreat from Sunday 22nd March till the Saturday 4th April!!!
…celebrate my 26th birthday on Monday, I can’t believe I am already 26.
…work on getting my 10,000 steps in once again, if you have a fitbit let me know I will add you and we can be fitbit friends.

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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