Carry On Must Haves!

I am taking the next few weeks off and heading to a healthy retreat, I am feeling a little run down and over worked so I thought what better way to celebrate my 26th birthday then taking 2 weeks off to completely relax.

I will be staying in the New South Wales Central Coast just a hour out of Sydney but that does mean I have to fly to Sydney all by myself! I am not a great flyer so its important that I pack a bunch of different things to keep me entertained on the flight so I don’t get too scared.Here are what I believe are Carry On Must Haves…..

Carry On Must Haves

Oroton Stencil Tote BagI love to use this handbag when I am flying, not only because it looks beautiful but also because it is extremely useful, it has plenty of side zip pockets, a top zip to keep the whole bag closed and is 51cm wide by 31cm high by 15cm deep so it can fit practically anything.Cute Coin PurseWhile its important to keep your purse on you during a flight I often also carry a cute little coin purse with just cash and coins in it in case the stewardess comes past and asks if I want to order something, its much easier to whip out a cute coin purse with money ready than to have to search through you luggage in the overhead carrier trying to find your big purse than checking that you actually have cash in there.Nivea Hand CreamI hate the dry air that they pump around the planes, my hands seem to dry out in to time flat so a tiny sample size of hand cream is perfect for flights as its small enough to bring with you and has just enough cream to keep your hands feeling soft.Lucas’ Paw Paw OintmentThis stuff is magic in tube form, I use this constantly on my lips to stop them chapping and cracking. After a long flight my lips often start to dry out and start to rip a bit that’s why I always fly with paw paw ointment to put on them throughout the flight.Black Bow HeadwrapThe worst part about getting of a plane is looking at your hair and seeing a monster, I like to take small wraps and headbands with me because they can fix a bad hair day with minimal work.Bad Hair Day HairbrushOf course nothing fixes plane hair like a nice big hair brush, just pile a few hair elastics onto the end and you are completely ready for any hair catastrophe.MascaraI find a quick little flick of mascara and I already look a thousand more times awake than I did with out it so I always take mascara with me all the time but its especially great for after a long flight.BB CreamI don’t like caking my face in makeup before I fly so I like to keep a little bit of tinted moisturizer with me to keep face feeling fresh, BB cream is great for flights because it not only helps to keep your face feeling fresh but its tinted as well so you can get some slight coverage to even out your skin without heavy foundation.e.l.f LipstickI love elf lipsticks because they are super moisturizing, I often feel that quickly swiping on some lipstick before you get off the plane can make you feel completely put together with minimum effort.Cable Knit SocksThe worst part about flying is getting cold feet, there is nothing worse than sitting there with frozen toes trying pull on those awful plane socks they give you that always seem to fall off and go missing half way through a flight. I always bring my own cable knit socks because they are super warm and comfy and also really easy to slip on and off!Microfiber Throw BlanketI always get super cold in planes, I feel like the a/c is always blaring down on me and no matter how many of those little blankets they give you I manage to borrow and use I still can’t keep warm. That is why I always carry a small microfiber throw blanket, these are perfect because they keep you snuggly and warm but most of the time are small enough to roll up and keep in your carry on bag.Ipad Air CaseOf course I always take my ipad on planes loaded with games and books to read but I also like to make sure I keep it in a heavy duty case. My favorite cases at the moment that I am using are the Kikki K leather cases that keep your ipad safe but also include a pen holder and a pad of cute paper to write anything down on which is important when flying because I always have a brain wave in the air!Cute Head PhonesI hate the horrible black head phones they give you on flights, the ear buds always loose their covers and after a while my ears start hurting for having the buds in. That is why I always bring super comfortable head phones with me, I am currently loving my Typo knitted cat ear head phones because they are super duper adorable and extremely comfortable.A Good Book I am currently reading Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places for March’s Book Club so I will be bringing this along with me on the flight, I love bringing both hardcover and electronic books with me so I have a multitude of things to read if I get bored of reading the same thing.Well that is all I have planned to take with me on the flight, I hope I have remembered everything I need. Luckily for me its only around a 2 hour flight so I should be fine, just hope I don’t have any panic attacks.What do you think of my list?What do you take in your carry on?


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