Autumn Statement Pieces

Autumn is suddenly in the air and it is making me all sorts of happy! This has to be my favourite season, not only because its my birthday season but it’s also the time of year when the temperature is cool and crisp without all the miserable rain that joins us in winter.

It is the time of year when all the trees suddenly change into beautiful red and yellow watercolor paintings, the grass is a vibrant green and there is a palpable excitement in the air. It’s time to put away all your denim shorts and replace them with warmer statement pieces. Autumn seems to be the most stylish season, this is the time that coats, boots, scarfs and gloves start appearing.My wardrobe seems to be lacking a bit this season so I have been creating polyvore collections of my ideal wardrobe pieces for Autumn that are semi affordable so I should be able to con my husband into buying a few.

Autumn Statement Coats

**Please note there is absolutely no way I would ever be able to afford the Christian Louboutin boots but I had to add them in because I just love them! Maybe in another life**

Autumn Scarves, Beanies & Gloves

// Johnstons thick cable knit socks // J Crew Scarf  // Comptoir Des Cotonniers black shawl // Wool knit cap // Circle scarf // Cream beanie hat // Mitten glove // Dents black leather glove / / Sperry Top infinity loop scarf // White fur earmuff // Ear Muffs //

Well that is what I wish I could be wearing all Autumn long, I might have to sweet talk my husband but I really hope I can grab a few things of this list, stand outs for me would have to be the cute cat ear beanie, the forever 21 heeled brown knee high boots and the Forever New Lillian Sleeveless Waterfall Jacket.

What do you think of my Autumn wants?
Do you have any suggestions?


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