Thank goodness its Friday

//THIS WEEK// I felt…
…stressed, I have more and more work lately and it seems to be pilling up.
…slightly tired, I am thinking that I need to book a holiday for myself to a health retreat for a week or too soon, starting to feel a little overworked and worried I will run out of steam soon.
…loved, Dylan has been shelling out the love ever since he got home. I am feeling like one lucky lady!
//THIS WEEK// I learnt…
…where the ants in our kitchen where finally coming from!! They where sneaking through a old hole in the wall that had been used to hang a picture. We have plugged the hole so hopefully that keeps them away.
…my sister had finally broken up with her boyfriend, they had been dating longer than us and where constantly fighting so really they should have broken up sooner but its still super sad, he was like a brother to us and I know it was really hard on my sister. I hope they both find happiness!
//THIS WEEK// I loved…
…the pedicure that I got, we sat in giant massage chairs that are amazing, I want to buy the chairs.
…Dexter, Dylan and I have been watching a couple of episodes each night before bed and I am really enjoying it.
…fresh fruit, I have had a hankering for nectarines, apples, watermelon and pineapple. I need to stop eating so much fresh fruit, its really not cheap but at least its health-ish (I need to work on better moderation).
//THIS WEEK// I am looking forward to…
…celebrating my littlest sisters 20th Birthday on Monday
…the public holiday on Monday wooo 3 day weekend and the a short week.
//NEXT WEEK// I will…
…continue working on keeping my blog posts upto date.
…start celebrating my birthday month, I turn 26th on the 23rd of March and want to spend the month relaxing and really spoiling myself.
…work on getting my 10,000 steps in once again, if you have a fitbit let me know I will add you and we can be fitbit friends.

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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