Top Blogging Blunders

When I first started out blogging I made many “blunders”, I posted more of what I would call diary entries than actual thought out posts. I spent hours blogging to no readers and had really no idea what I was doing wrong or right for that matter. Here are a few blunders I made hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

Switching points of view (POV)Throughout posts I would start writing them from first person POV and somewhere along the lines it would transition to third person POV, this made anything I wrote hard to follow and created a disjoint from me and the reader. I now focus on maintaining first person POV, I would suggest this POV as it is easier for readers to follow and creates more of a personal connection to the post.
Ignoring social mediaWhen I first started I honestly had no idea how twitter worked and thought facebook was only for personal use, somewhere along the lines I noticed that all my favourite bloggers where constantly tweeting, facebooking, pinteresting, google+ing and using every other available social media platform to get their new blog post noticed. Since creating a social media presence I have noticed a increase in views and new readers, I even created a printable daily blog planner to ensure I don’t forget any of my platforms.
Maintaining a Anonymous BlogI am sure that I was not the only one who began writing posts under a nickname and not including any traceable knowledge of who I was, I thought that people I knew would be able to find my blog and whilst I wasn’t embarrassed about what I was writing I just didn’t want my family and friends reading it. I soon realized this was ridiculous, no one will be able to find my blog unless I tell them about it and how would my readers be able to relate to what I wrote if I stayed anonymous? 
Unreadable fontsWhilst it may be fun and exciting when you first start out to use all sorts of different crazy fonts this can be distracting and hard to read. It is also important that you choose a font size that is big enough to read comfortably but isn’t overly large, you don’t want readers squinting to read your posts but you also don’t want readers craning their necks back to read either.
Hectic header graphicsPlaying around with headers is important, you want the header of your blog to represent the theme of your blog but at the same time it should be clear and readable. When I first worked out how to create my header the whole thing was horrific, I used a graphic space them with a very cursive title and 6 small images of myself in the title, this meant that it was to read the title and there was no main focus. I now stick to a very simple and classic image as I want my blog to feel timeless and elegant.
Writing novels of textIt can be easy when you are writing something you are passionate about to write and write and write without creating any page breaks or paragraphs. I find as a reader this is overwhelming and I end up skipping half the post because I feel bombarded, just placing a few spaces between paragraphs and breaking the text up can completely change the feel of your post and make it far more enjoyable for a reader.
Central text alignmentI like many others thought it looks pretty cool having my text in a central alignment, I thought it made it stand out against the blogs that always kept their text in a standard left alignment. It wasn’t until I started reading a few other blogs that also had a central alignment that I realized just how difficult it was to follow each sentence when they where all over the page. As soon as I noticed the issue I high tailed it back to my template and left aligned all my text.
Well those are the main blogging blunders that I managed to discover and fix throughout my last few years as a blogger, there are many others that I am sure I still continue to do and in another year I am sure I will be posting part 2 of blogging blunders with those listed.
What do you think of my blunders?Do you have any blunders that should be included?


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