Thank Goodness It’s Friday

//THIS WEEK// I felt…
…strong, it was really wonderful spending a week without Dylan. I relished being alone.
…slightly tired, my boss has been “sick” again this week and hasn’t been able to work, I find that a bit of a cop out.
//THIS WEEK// I learnt…
…don’t ever get in a twitter war with Amber Rose or Khloe Kardashian, those girls are serious.
…that most business have 2 types of specialized shut off valves so you don’t have to shut off all the water to the area. IMPORTANT!!
//THIS WEEK// I loved…
…my newly refilled painted nail, a deep purple red-ish colour I’m in love.
…WILD by Cheryl Strayed it’s the February book for book club and I urge everyone to read it, it is such a wonderfully motivating book.
…Lady Gaga’s 2013 itunes festival I have been meaning to watch it and finally got around to it, AMAZING!
//THIS WEEK// I am looking forward to…
…picking Dylan up on Sunday!
…possibly heading out somewhere special to celebrate Chinese New Year.
//NEXT WEEK// I will…
…continue working on reclaiming who I am!
…work on getting my 10,000 steps in once again, if you have a fitbit let me know I will add you and we can be fitbit friends.

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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