Thank Goodness It’s Friday

//THIS WEEK// I felt…
…busy, I had to get a site management plan completed by Friday afternoon and it took a lot of work.
…out of my depth, I had to re do my first aid course and to pass I had to give CPR for 3 minutes to a dummy that light up green if you were doing it right, it was incredibly hard but I did manage to pass, I just hope I never have to do that in a real life situation.
…naked, I had a bug bite on my ring finger which caused it to swell up and I had to take my wedding rings off for half of the week, it was the weirdest feeling I honestly felt naked.
//THIS WEEK// I learnt…
…if you burn yourself the best thing to put on it is cling wrap, it acts like a air conditioner and traps cool air and water in.
…apparently I have wide feet?!?!?!?! I have super tiny feet and I certainly didn’t think they where wide but the man at the Nike store certainly seemed to think so when I went to buy my new nikes, so I couldn’t get the colour I wanted!!
//THIS WEEK// I loved…
…my newly coloured red hair! I wanted a drastic change and I certainly got one.
…the movie the kingsman, I saw it Thursday night and it was one of the best movie’s I have seen in a while.
//THIS WEEK// I am looking forward to…
…going swimming Saturday at my father’s house, the weather is supposed to reach 41 degrees (that’s 105.8 degree’s Fahrenheit) I really want to stay cool all day.
…Saturday is also Valentine’s day and I am making a BBQ pulled pork recipe for Dylan, he loves pulled pork so I hope the recipe tastes okay, as we will be at my fathers house all day I am slow cooking it in our crock pot which I have never done. Fingers crossed it will work out!! If it does I will be posting it next week.
//NEXT WEEK// I will…
…be lonely! Dylan is going to Surfers Paradise with his best friend for a holiday, he had booked to go away with his girlfriend but she broke up with him and he couldn’t get a refund he could only change the tickets over so Dylan gets a holiday. I on the other hand have to work!
…work on getting my 10,000 steps in once again, if you have a fitbit let me know I will add you and we can be fitbit friends.

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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