Valentine’s Day Free Printable Gift Tags

I am all about making home made Valentine’s Day gifts, let’s be honest it is a bit of a silly holiday and I don’t really want to waste money on it but I do want to create a cute and thoughtful gift. This year I created personalized lolly bags for Dylan, I had seen a similar thing floating around and wanted to personalize it specially for him.

These are so adorable I thought why not make a few changes so that I can share the labels with my lovely readers for Valentine’s Day.
All you need to buy is:- Some A4 Card to print the labels.- A bunch of lollies- Some clear plastic bags- Hot Glue to glue the labels
To make them all you need to do is:1- Fill the clear plastic bags with lollies.2 – Print the printable labels out onto card.3 – Cut around each label

4 – Fold the middle of each label5 – Place folded label over open end of lolly bag6 – Glue lolly bag to label.
Here are the labels to chose from:

Puppy Love and Sweet Heart Printable
What do you think of my Printable Lolly bags?Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?Did you create a Valentine’s Day printable?


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