Thank Goodness It’s Friday

I am so incredibly relieved that Friday is finally here, it has been another long and arduous week!
//THIS WEEK// I felt…
…overly worked and under appreciated.
…inspired, I bought a bonds baby onsie and hung it in the kitchen to remind myself why I am working so hard on my fitness.
…hungover, I managed to get tanked on 2 large glasses of orange juice and vodka Saturday night and the hangover then proceeded to hang around Sunday through till Tuesday.
…upset, we are selling the family beach house and I previously imagined spending summer holidays there with my future children.
…jealous, one of my sisters has been asked to house sit a house in France for a month close to the boarder by the Swiss alps, she’s not sure if she want’s to go but I told her it would be a trip of a life time and she has to go! I would give anything to go back to Paris.
//THIS WEEK// I learnt…
…my husband’s family is not what he thought it was, they have BIG secrets.
…my body no longer processes binge drinking like it did a couple of years ago, I need to pace myself and watch the size of the drinks poured.
…they don’t stock candy hearts at any of my local stores, I am trying to make a cute Valentine’s Day display and have been searching high and low for candy hearts and still cant find any.
…Scandal is the best show ever, it started last week and I recorded the past 2 episodes and watched them this week, I am already addicted Oliva Pope is everything.
//THIS WEEK// I loved…
…my newly manicured nails, I had been meaning to get acrylics put on for a while but hadn’t found the time, this week I did and I am in love.
…the new recipes of my 12wbt meal plan, they have added a few new ones and I tried a couple this week they where great.
…the new song by Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney. I felt the song had a cool 80’s vibe, especially the music video with them all wearing denim, it reminded me of George Michael for some reason.
…my hammock, I have been spending the afternoon’s reading in the hammock after I get home from work and it’s super relaxing. I really need that down time to unwind.
//THIS WEEK// I am looking forward to…
…going jet skiing after work tonight at the river, I have been pumped all week for this.
…having some down time Saturday morning while Dylan goes to work, I have a lot of house work that I need to get done and I always get it done faster when he is not there.
…the new season of 16 and Pregnant that airs this Sunday, I love this show its super addictive.
…getting organised for next week, I love planning out my meal plans and cooking healthy muffins to take for breakfast each morning but I really ran out of time last weekend to do any of that so this week has been a little stressful.
//NEXT WEEK// I will…
…catch up on all the extra work that I didn’t manage to get finished this week.
…start reading my February book club books Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty and Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I had planned to start reading them earlier but they hadn’t arrived at the book store until late this week.
…aim to walk 10,000 steps each day, I have been lacking in getting my steps in and I know I really need to lift my step game.
…create my Chocolate Quinoa Cake with Chocolate Avocado Mousse Frosting for Valentine’s Day and post the recipe on here. I am really excited about this cake, it’s something I am creating from a bunch of different recipes so I hope it turns out okay.

How was this week for you?Did you link up with Oh Hey Friday?


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