SEO and Blog Images for Dummies

“Photography is the Beauty of Life Captured”
– Tara Chisholm

Let me start by saying I am a Dummy when it comes to any form of serious computer work, when I first started blogging I certainly had no idea what I was doing nor what I should be doing and the acronym SEO scared the life out of me, mainly because I really had no idea what it meant and all the successful bloggers I idolized were talking about it!
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is really just some big words bloggers use when describing how they make their blog easier to find. Most bloggers, unless they really want to keep their blog fairly anonymous, go to great lengths to make it easier for readers to find their blogs through search engines.
One of the easiest ways for people to find your blog and want to read onwards is to include beautiful Images, most people are drawn to a picture that describes what the post is about so creating a descriptive image for your post should be something you create first.
When you upload a blog post little search engine robots scour your post for topics that they can place you in on search engines. Unfortunately theses little tiny robots cannot see images they can only read text so if you want to include a beautiful picture on your post (every post should have a picture that’s Blogging Rule 1) then you need to correctly label your image.
Often if you are uploading a image that you have taken with your camera the image will be labeled something that your camera has listed such as IMG_364.jpg, the search engine robots will not know what this image is therefore cannot list the image in the correct search engine. To help these robots you should change the image label to something that describes what the image is for example if the image is a fern change the image label to fern.jpg then when someone searches for a picture of a fern in google images your fern will pop up.

If you wish to title your image something that is more than one word use a Hyphen (-) to separate the words, the little search engine robots are also unable to read spaces, the image above is labeled Imaging-labels.jpg by putting the hyphen in this avoids the search engines bundling the label into Imaginglabels.jpg which would also make this image harder to find in a search engine.

Use can also use ALT Text (Alternative Text) to help label your images and make them easier to find, this can be done extremely easily in Blogger.
Firstly click on the image you wish to label, the image will become highlighted and the menu box will pop up below. Click on the “Properties” button.

A Image Properties box will pop up, to label your image just type what you wish to label the image in the ALT Text box and click Ok.

These steps are fairly simple but make a world of difference when trying to get your blog out into the world and by taking these first few easy steps you have taken your first dabble in SEO!What are your thoughts on SEO?Do you like my Tips?Do you have any Image Title tips that I have missed?


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