A Blind Date

I enjoy talking to you.
Your mind appeals to me.
– George Orwell

Hello reader,
There are a few new faces floating around The Hunt Life lately so I thought it best if I did a new “Get to know me” post but they can often be a little boring so lets do something a little different.
The two of us are going to go on a blind date together, I’m waiting at the bar.

Hey I’m Georgia, so glad to meet you. 
Yes I would love a drink ummmm…. raspberry and vodka, hopefully it can calm my nerves I have never been on a blind date before.
My friends have been trying to organize us meeting for awhile apparently we have a lot in common:- I’m 25- from South Australia- married for 2 years now- have 3 dogs and a cat- love blogging- like to try my hand at DIY’s and Recipes- work full time as a assistant manager. What about you?
Oh wow that’s interesting we do have a lot in common.

Yes I will have another drink……. should we do some tequila shots? ha ha…
Okay lets get into the interesting stuff………
If you had all the money in the world where would you travel?
That’s cool, I’d love to go there too. I want to travel to Antarctica, I feel that it must be close to other worldly out there and not only would it be wonderful to see some of the animals out that way but it would be indescribable to feel that disconnected from society for a few days.
So onto my next topic, I may have researched a few conversation topics to discuss before meeting you here at the bar to ensure there wasn’t a lull in conversation ha ha.
What sort of music are you into? I love pretty much anything, I wish I was musically talented but it was never to be, I tried playing the piano, the trumpet and the guitar but I never really grasped any of them oh well I will just have to be content with my out of key singing.
Wow you have a great taste in music and I am so impressed with the your musical abilities. Do you have any other hobbies?
Yes I love reading too, I currently have a list of books to read this year. I am planning to read one book a month hopefully more but I have so much on my plate at the moment especially with all the DIY’s I have planned, my latest DIY Whipped Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter was a resounding success. Are you creating any DIY’s at the moment?
Wow we really do have a lot in common.
No No I really can’t have another drink, its getting late and I need to be home I have a early start tomorrow before work so need my full 6 hours.
It was great meeting you too, we should certainly do this again, you have my number don’t you.
Ahh here’s my Taxi. 
Good Night!

Did you enjoy our Blind Date together?Are there any questions that I didn’t answer?


2 thoughts on “A Blind Date

  1. This is awesome Georgia! I ordeedr white wine and whisperedd my age in your ear, at which time you explain with surprise “but you look so young” ( 😉 ), I'm from NQ, love cooking, photography, fishing and being in the great outdoors. Have been married for almost 5 years to one hubby, no kids or pets (but biological puppy clock is ticking) and if I had all the money in the world to travel, would do photography tours to Antartica and all those cool places. Pref by boat as hate flying. No DIY at the moment as spare time is taken up with planting a garden in our new home. Gotta do this again some time! 😉


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