Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

You can’t be blocked if you just keep on writing words. Any words. 
People who get ‘blocked’ make the mistake of thinking they have to write good words.
– Martha Grimes
Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

I love writing, I have always loved writing which is why I work so hard to maintain a blog whilst working full time. Some days it can be difficult, I can get home exhausted and not feel like blogging, not feel like I have anything of value to put out into the world. It’s days like that which I like to keep a list of post ideas to draw from, when I feel uninspired I can find a topic, set myself up at the laptop and just let my fingers do all the work.
Here are my Top 10 Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers Block:
//FIRST// RecipesRecipes should be your first go to when struggling for a post idea. Not sure what to write, cook up your families favourite dinner whilst photographing your cooking steps, upload the photos and cooking instructions and there you have dinner and a post all at once.
//SECOND// DIY’sLets face it everyone love’s a good DIY project, whether its a DIY face mask or DIY Bedroom Decor someone somewhere will want a tutorial for it. Struggling to find the right DIY then check pinterest, your DIY failed miserably then post a Pinterest fail post. No matter what type of DIY you create, readers will read it.
//THIRD// Embarrassing Personal StoriesPeople love to follow blogs that they can relate too, the most relateble posts are normally centered around embarrassing personal stories. Struggling for a post idea, write about last weeks trip to the grocery store with the large hole in the back of your gym pants or the time you surprised hugged your best friend only to realize it wasn’t her.
//FOURTH// Guest PostsGuest posts are a wonderful way to switch up your posts, don’t have any sponsors to guest post then why not ask your husband/ boyfriend/ sister/ best friend, why not even get a pet to guest post.
//FIFTH// OOTDOutfit Of The Day posts are great when you are in a time crunch and need to post something quick but still interesting on the blog. Don’t feel comfortable posting a picture of your outfit on your blog then why don’t you post dream outfit using Polyvore to create a look that you can only dream about.
//SIXTH// Your Favourite BloggersI am always on the look out for new and wonderful blogs to follow and I am sure I am not the only one. Why not create a post linking to your favourite bloggers or posts that you find inspirational or important. I am sure the bloggers you link to will appreciate the extra traffic and your readers will enjoy reading what you find inspirational.
//SEVENTH// Blind Date with your ReadersWrite a post about yourself in a style similar to a Blind Date, these types of posts can be fun and also informative for your readers. Have you had a influx in new followers or has it been a while since you wrote about yourself, then use this conversational style of writing to fill your followers in on who the writer behind the blog is and use this platform to ask readers a bit about themselves.
//EIGHTH// Day In The LifeSet up your camera and get snapping, readers like to sneak a peak at what makes their favourite bloggers tick so create a post that gives a little insight into your daily life. These types of posts are best when they are picture heavy without too much text.
//NINTH// Blog AdviceDo you have any tips or tricks that you wish you knew when you first started blogging? Are you a wiz at creating blog titles or do you have think you know everything there is about SEO? Blog about that, most bloggers are self taught and constantly on the look out for ways they can better their blogs, if you think you have any form of advice that could help out another blogger out there than write about that.
//TENTH// ListsIf all else fails then write a post centered around a list, these types of posts can be life savers when you are completely stuck for ideas. Just pick a topic and start writing down as much or as little as you want about it. Lists are easily viewable for readers and can help give substance to a otherwise boring topic.
What do you think about my blog post ideas?What would you recommend for a blog post?


One thought on “Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

  1. I keep a document in Evernote on my iPad and jot down ideas when I have them for topics together with a few notes. Then when I'm stuck for a topic I can read through that and pick one to expand on. Otherwise some days I'd just sit staring at the screen, or more likely fritter away the time on social media.


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