Raspberry & Cacao Bites

It is currently Raspberry season and I cannot get enough of these delicious gems, unfortunately for my waste line most raspberry based dishes are loaded with sugar, ice cream and chocolate. As much as I want to enjoy these recipes I am all about my New Years Resolution to eat healthy at the moment so I thought why don’t I make something similar to my favourite super indulgent treats but with out the extra calories.And thus my Raspberry & Cacao Bites where born!!

– 1 Punnet of Raspberries- 1 Handful of Cacao pieces- 1 Tub Chobani Plain Fat Free Yoghurt- 1 Tsp Honey

-1.) Mix the honey and yoghurt together in a small bowl.-2.) Place cacao pieces inside each raspberry.-3.) Line a baking dish with baking paper.-4.) Carefully stick a tooth pick into a raspberry and dunk it into the yoghurt mixture one at a time.-5.) Once the raspberry is covered in yoghurt carefully place on the baking paper.-6.) After you have cover enough raspberries in yoghurt place the baking dish in the freezer for around 30 minutes or until frozen.Once the Raspberry & Cacao Bites are completely frozen keep them stored in zip lock bags, the should last for upto a month if kept the bags are sealed properly and kept in the freezer.Do you like my Raspberry & Cacao Bites?Do you have any healthy snack idea’s I should try?


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