5 Tips for better blogging in 2015

Can you believe that 2015 is already upon us?!?!
January is the perfect time to sit down, plan, organize and create goals for the year. This year The Hunt Life will be focusing on increasing the regularity and creating better content posts. Below is a list of 5 tips that will be used throughout the year to fill this blog goal.
5 tips for better blogging 2015

//FIRST// OrganisationPlan out a month of blog posts in advance, this way you don’t have to rack your brain for post ideas.I use Google Calender, this way I can check what post I need to write about that day using either my laptop, work computer, ipad or iphone. Have a set topic theme for certain days of the week ie Wednesday DIY or Thursday Recipes. Colour code each theme to make it easier to read, the colour code I use for my themes is simple Blog Tips are Purple, Weekly Stories are Red, DIY’s are Blue, Recipes are Green, 5 for Friday posts are Yellow and Think Pink Sunday posts are Pink.Blog link ups are great for weekend posts, you can really promote previous blog posts that you love.

Not showing the colour coding.
//SECOND// Social Media 
Now days Social Media drives our lives and in order to keep upto date with blog followers you must optimize your accounts. Try linking accounts together, every time I upload a picture to Instagram, create a status on Facebook or pin something to Pinterest I automatically tweet the same picture and description to Twitter. Be sure to visit followers social media accounts too, its easy for followers to feel ignored.
//THIRD// Image Titles
There is no point taking a stunning picture, spending a hour photo-shopping the correct lighting only to upload the image to your blog and find out that it cannot be found in Google Image Search. To create a searchable image either change the title of the saved image to a description of the image before uploading (ie an image of blueberries originally titled IMG3574 changed to Blueberries) or you can upload the picture to your post, click on the properties button and type the description in the ALT Text Bar. I would suggest using small and descriptive words.
//FOURTH// Stock Photos
Taking beautiful photo’s for a post can be hard some days when you are busy working. A quick search for a image may seem like a good idea but posting any image that you have not taken yourself or do not have approval from the original source is stealing and can lead you into some serious legal trouble. To avoid any unnecessary issues you can use free stock photos provided by kind websites, my favourite would have to be Unsplash it has stunning images that you can use as you like, the below is one of their standard stock images, I will be posting a list of Stock Photo websites later in the month.
//FIFTH// Switch Things Up
Post things that are out of your comfort zone, if you constantly post recipes throw a few beauty tip posts in through out the month. Readers want a little bit of everything so don’t feel trapped into your general content, remember its your blog post what you want.
That is my 5 Tips for Better Blogging in 2015, stick around and see how I implement these tips through out the year.
Did you find my tips helpful?
What is your best blogging tip?


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